220 Humphrey St,
Marblehead, MA 01945

Invoice Number INV-4062
Order Number 4062
Invoice Date September 13, 2023
Due Date September 13, 2023
Total Due $5,448.00
Mike Little

5 Marion Rd ,
Salem, MA

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1 Fiberglass finished with wooden frame

Door configuration: Single Prehung Door
Jamb Size: 4 9/16 White Vinyl Clad Composite
Handling: Hinged Left Inswing
Slab Style: S606 SDL
Glass Style: Original glass (As shown on slab design, if presented)
Paint Options: Paint: One color on two sides of door slab
Frame Paint Options: White Vinyl Clad Composite
Interior Paint Color: Grey
Exterior Paint Color: Grey
Sidelite Style: NO SIDELITE
Sidelite Glass Style: Keep original Glass (As shown on sidelite, if presented)
Replace exterior trim: New PVC casing
Replace interior trim: New Interior Trim. Colonial 2 1/2. Primed
Lock style: Plymouth
Door hardware color: Antique Brass
Storm Door: Andersen 3000. Fullview. White
Additional work: No additional work is needed

Sub Total $5,448.00
Tax $0.00
Total Due $5,448.00