Sliding windows have been gaining popularity these days due to their features and benefits to the home. Read on to find out if this solution is the one you need for your home.

What is a sliding window?

A sliding window comprises two or more sashes, which move one over the other along the frame track. When you open a sliding window, the sashes are superimposed, allowing you to open only one side of the opening. It could have small wheels at the top and bottom to slide on the frame in which the window is located.

Sliding windows features

Some of the main characteristics of sliding windows are:

  • Size: sliding windows are very versatile, and because of how they are mounted, you can find small windows or others with door sizes.
  • Number of sashes: this window can be composed of two glass sashes or even four depending on the thickness you want.
  • Materials: these windows can be manufactured with different materials, which makes their price very variable. The materials most commonly used for this type of window are usually PVC, steel, or aluminum.
  • Versatility: sliding windows can be easily combined with blinds, mosquito nets, and awnings.

Sliding window benefits

Choosing this type of window brings with it several benefits, such as:

Space optimization

The way these windows open allows for more space since they do not open towards the outside or inside of the house but in the opening where they are placed.

Greater luminosity

These windows have smaller frames than other types of windows, which allows more light to enter due to the larger size of the glass.

Greater savings

Sliding windows are usually cheaper because they are easier to build, both in terms of the materials used and their straightforward installation.

Fewer accidents

Not being a window with doors will prevent you from colliding with the spikes that open into the home, making them safer, especially for children.

How to choose the ideal sliding window?

It would help if you kept in mind the quality of the material because an aluminum window is different from a PVC one, but that will also depend on your budget.