Double Hung

Double Hung

The best window style for your home will depend on your personal preferences, geographic location, and the needs of your home and where it will be placed.

Find out the difference between single and double-hung windows and purchase the one that best suits your needs and those of your home, so you can always feel comfortable in your home.

What is a single-hung window?

Single-hung windows are the perfect decoration for the front of the house. They give them a unique appearance, look exceptionally elegant and aesthetically pleasing, and are one of the most standardized products.


  • They are distinguished by high functionality, practicality, and aesthetic appearance.
  • This type of joinery is versatile, thanks to its excellent design possibilities.
  • A single-hung brings minimalism and elegance to the entire window frame.

Where are single-hung windows installed?

Single-hung windows are ideal for the second floor as they are more challenging to clean. However, they can be used in any space where we want a window with an aesthetic and practical design.


What is a double-hung window?

Double-hung windows contain two operating panels that open vertically, allowing easy ventilation from both ends. In addition, these windows are tilt-and-turn, making them easy to clean. Their design suits any room, especially those who want a clean and elegant look.


  • Double-hung windows increase thermal and acoustic insulation in the home.
  • They provide extra security, as they are more challenging to break.
  • They come with a slanted hung that makes the hung protrude inwards and allows the interior and exterior of the window to be cleaned easily.

Where are double-hung windows installed?

They are ideal for installation on the second or third floor of your home because they are effortless to clean from the comfort of your home’s interior. However, they can also be installed in any area where you want to preserve the brightness and ventilation of the environment and have a product that is easy to clean and maintain.

Seaside, single and double-hung windows are available in many formats, configurations, and colors.