Bay and Bow

The bay and bow windows installation is ideal for those who want to give more breadth, space, and depth to their interiors. This type of window becomes the perfect component of interior decoration to create a unique space inside the home, from which you can sit on your comfortable sofa and enjoy the scenery.

Beyond windows, they are the elements that inject your interior with a warm, comfortable, and cutting-edge atmosphere.

Two styles to reinvent your home architecture!


With an iconic design of angled panels to offer your viewers added dimension and masterfully connect the exterior and interior of your home with unique views.

Bay windows feature a structure with three windows joined at a 45º angle, usually consisting of a large central window and two smaller ones on the sides.

Bow windows have a structure formed by the union of more than 4 to 5 windows at angles of 10º, 20º, or 30º to form a semicircle that projects outwards. Both seek to give that touch of refinement and distinction inside the home that evokes the classic architecture of the Victorian era.

Colors & Grid

Seaside, we offer bay and bow window installation in a sober and elegant palette of colors ranging from white, almond, bronze, black, brown, etc., with the option to find the perfect shade for the exterior and the interior. Our colors help bring light into your home and integrate easily with different interior design concepts.

In addition, we give you the option to choose the grid pattern you want; without them, include it only on the side of the windows, on the top, etc., according to the style and personality you want for your home.


We have a vast catalog of bay and bow windows, in different materials, according to the needs and construction or renovation project. We use materials of high resistance and durability to climatic changes, sun exposure, humidity, and the passing of time, such as vinyl, wood, aluminum, steel, fiberglass, etc.

We have unique crystals that allow optimal ultraviolet rays refraction, which helps protect your furniture and interiors.

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