Awning & Hoppers

Awning & Hoppers

Among the different window options out there, two that are trending are awning and hopper windows. Below, find out what each consists of and which is the best option for your home.

What is an awning window?

Awning windows feature hinges that open the window from the bottom to the outside. It allows ventilation even during light rain. These windows are often installed in basements because of their ease of placement high on the walls and function by turning handles.


Awning windows have the following characteristics:

  • Size: they are smaller than double-hung, casement, or sliding windows.
  • Versatile: their orientation can be horizontal and vertical so that they can be used in different spaces.
  • Variety: there are many modern and aesthetic options for your home.
  • Easy operation: they open with the simple turn of a crank.

Awning window benefits

Among the benefits of awning windows are the following:


These windows feature double-locking mechanisms controlled by hinges on both sides of the window frame.


Awning windows ensure better ventilation compared to casement and sliding windows.

Energy efficiency

They have latches on both sides of the window that allow a tight seal, provide greater security and maintain the home’s temperature.

What is a hopper window?

A hopper window is a unique style window similar to a casement window in that they are both hinged to open, rather than slide open. It is hinged at the bottom and opens inward from the top. Although these windows can come in various sizes, they are commonly used in small areas and openings, such as basements and bathrooms.


Features of hopper windows include:

Hinges: the hopper window has a hinged bottom and a locking mechanism at the top.

Locking mechanism: A small lever style handle is used to open and close the window that also fits into the locking mechanism for added security.

Full screen: the hopper window accommodates a full window screen because the window opens inward, away from the screen.

Hopper window benefits

Some of the advantages of the hopper benefits are:


Because the entire window opens from the top, it allows ventilation across the entire window surface.


It is possible to install hopper windows in bathrooms or laundry rooms, wherever fresh air circulation is needed to prevent mold and mildew from appearing.

Energy Efficiency

Hopper windows have an insulating glass that allows temperature conservation, ensuring greater energy efficiency.

What’s the best option for your home?