How to get the most reasonable options for your window replacement?

Changing windows is an important decision that is not taken every day since it entails a significant economic outlay and certain inconveniences if we need to consider the right factors when choosing our replacement windows. The most relevant factor in the cost of windows is their material. However, there are other details to consider, which I will also mention below.

Find out how to choose the most affordable, quality replacement windows for your home!

Quality replacement windows

Not all replacement windows have the same properties. The materials used to manufacture them are chosen according to the customer’s needs and the space. Therefore, the price may vary.

One aspect that affects the window’s quality is the type of material used, specifically in the frame and glass panels. It’s without leaving aside its resistance to different temperatures, installation modes, and warranty.

Thus, the final price will depend on each of these factors. After all, the quality of the replacement window is evaluated comprehensively. Having durable elements will increase the cost of the product but also its long-term benefits.

Types of materials for replacement windows

Among the primary materials used in replacement windows are the following:

PVC windows

PVC is a 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly resin used for about 30 years to manufacture doors and windows. It is a material of very high durability and meager maintenance cost. Only soap and water are needed, as they are immune to contamination and resistant to condensation and inclement weather.

The color remains stable over time. Thanks to new foiling technologies, it can be produced in a wide range of colors, wood, metallic, smooth, and textured finishes.

The main benefit of PVC windows is their outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation and energy and economic efficiency, without neglecting their incredible strength and durability. And all this at a lower purchase and maintenance cost than aluminum and wood windows.

Aluminum windows

Aluminum windows have been, for many years, the protagonists of the enclosure sector thanks to their great versatility and lower cost compared to wood windows, which they replaced.

Aluminum is a light and resistant metal that, when lacquered to avoid contact with air and water, is protected from corrosion and has excellent durability. Aluminum windows are available in many colors and finishes, foiled or lacquered.

Pro tip: aluminum is a good conductor of energy, so its insulating properties and energy efficient are inferior to other materials. They are also more expensive than PVC windows.

Wooden windows

Wooden windows are the most traditional option. Wood is an excellent natural insulator, and aesthetically, they are beautiful. In addition, it can be worked with relative ease, giving rise to authentic works of craftsmanship.

However, it also has its drawbacks. It is the most expensive material, both in cost and maintenance. Wood absorbs moisture, which can cause it to swell, crack and warp, and be more affected by pollution and exposure to temperature changes and sunlight. It affects its thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

Pro tip: despite being a natural material, the production of wooden windows results in the felling of large tracts of forest and the consequent impact on the environment.

Type of glass

There are many types of glass (low emissivity, acoustic, etc.), and you will choose one or the other depending on your specific needs. Logically, the more features the glass has (thickness, air chamber, etc.), the higher the price will be. However, if we have noise problems, it will be worth installing insulating glass, even if we invest more money, because we will end this problem.

Metallic elements

They are used to open and close the window, such as hinges, latches, etc. There are different brands, although their price is similar.

The installation process of the window

It can be done in two ways: new construction installation or replacement—the first consists of removing all the elements that make up the structure. We are referring to the frame, the welding work, and the glazing.

This type of installation is more complex because it requires skilled labor and, later, touch-up work. It is used in extreme cases, such as a substantial window deterioration, when you want to change the shape of the opening or to install an example for the first time.

Pocket installation, on the other hand, is the fastest and most economical alternative to cheap window replacement. Why? All you need to do is slide the new window into the existing wall frame.


Once we have cleared the elements that make up the window and how we want them, according to our specific needs, we must take rough opening measurements of where our windows will go. The more standard the opening is, the more economical the price of the windows will be. The price will go up if it has unusual measurements (very large or tiny) or tricky elements.

In addition, we must decide the opening shape that our window or door will have. Unique forms (e.g., folding or glass panel) will be more expensive. Generally, the sliding ones are the most economical (unless they are particular sliding, whose price would increase). Still, its insulation capacity is much lower than the casement or tilt-and-turn, so we must assess whether these initial savings will compensate us in the medium and long term.


The total price of the window will be subject to its characteristics. In general, cheap windows are an option when the budget is limited, and we are looking for standard window options. We will have to pay more if we want a specific window type. However, in most cases, the price difference is compensated by the additional features of the product.

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