Entry doors

The entry door is a crucial element for your home, not only because it offers peace of mind, security, and privacy but also because it complements the style and personality of your home.

The entry door installation or replacement helps you renovate your home’s look and aesthetic; it gives that new home feels that others will notice as it is the first focal point upon arrival.

Whether you desire an architectural style with classic lines or a more modern design to create bohemian or avant-garde decorating concepts, we have an exclusive selection of durable and affordable entry doors at Seaside.

Welcome home in style!


We have a unique collection of fiberglass doors that stand out for their play of straight lines and curved squares to give that classic and elegant touch that invites you to stay.


To enhance the look and beauty of our entry door installation models, we have a variety of wood frames with vinyl coating. You can choose the interior and exterior colors to blend harmoniously with the interior and exterior decoration.


If you want to make a significant change with an entry door replacement, we have sophisticated colonial trim in more than 50 styles made in layers of PVC to give more personality and strength to your door.

Knob and lock

We know security is important, so we have multiple opening system mechanisms to make you feel comfortable at home. As every detail is essential, we have a catalog of beautiful knobs in bronze, silver, and gold, a small piece that makes the difference.


We also offer the most varied styles of crystals, original works of art, Kensington style, Maple Park, Salinas, etc., which not only give that special touch of personality that you were looking for but are energy efficient and allow you to take advantage of the best of natural light.


Thinking of offering durable doors with premium fiberglass, ensuring its resistance to weathering, the impact of rain, or UV rays.

Colors and finish

Our collection of entrance doors is elaborated in a palette of warm colors to adapt to different decoration concepts, brown, grey, mahogany, red, etc.

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